[Testimonial] Another Happy Bar’s Leaks Carbon Fiber Block Seal (p/n HG1) Customer

Here’s another testimonial, this time for our Bar’s Leaks Carbon Fiber Block Seal (p/n HG1), one of the strongest head gasket and cooling system products we’ve ever developed. We’ve told you before it’s $60 at retail, but worth every penny — especially when it can save you over $3,000 in hard-repair costs. It’s pro-grade in every respect.

A couple days ago, Sachin from Phoenix, AZ submitted a testimonial on our website to tell us about how he took a $60 gamble on our Carbon Fiber Block Seal product. Sachin writes:

Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket & Cooling Sealant Part Number: HG1 — This product is really good. My car was having the head gasket leak because I saw it was reducing the considerable amount of coolant within a week and also having the proble while starting due to leaks (Generally the coolant will move in the combustion chamber and will create problem while startup). We we used this product it really worked without any issues. It fixed the radiator coolant level and engine startup also. After that I have travelled almost 2500 Miles and it is really working good. Thanks for the Bar’s Team!

Sachin, we really appreciate you taking the time to write us and work with Fred in our QA/Tech Support department.  By the way, did you know Rislone and Bar’s Products are on Facebook, too? And now, we’re even on Google+!  Check us out!

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