[Testimonial] Bar’s Leaks Carbon Fiber Block Seal (p/n HG1)

Here’s another testimonial, this time for our Bar’s Leaks Carbon Fiber Block Seal (p/n HG1), one of the strongest head gasket and cooling system products we’ve ever developed. It’s $60 at retail, but worth every penny — especially when it can save you over $3,000 in hard-repair costs.

A few weeks ago, Robert from Lexington, NC wrote to tell us about how he took a $60 gamble on our Carbon Fiber Block Seal product and wound up saving almost $3K in repair bills. Robert writes:

Sir, I am wtiting to tell you that I drove my 1999 Cadillac on a 45 mile trip today. The Northstar engine had a blown head gasket. Three months ago I treated the system with  your Bar’s leaks Carbon Fiber Block Seal (HG1) and from that day the engine never overheated. It saved me close to $3,000 for repairs. I would recomend this product at $60.00 — it’s well worth the price.

Robert, we really appreciate you taking the time to write us and work with Fred in our QA/Tech Support department.  By the way, did you know Rislone and Bar’s Products are on Facebook, too?  Check them out!

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2 Responses to [Testimonial] Bar’s Leaks Carbon Fiber Block Seal (p/n HG1)

  1. Joshua Cooke says:

    I bought a 1999 Cadillac Deville for cheap because of pulled head bolts that the owner failed to mention and I had not researched the con’s about the car that well anyway. I previously tried a product that costed me $119.00 plus $20 for their “extreme sealer” that worked for about a day under light acceleration. As soon as I did a wot twice the temp started going up slowly until it was once again overheating. They even sent me 2 complimentary “re-up” bottles which did absolutely nothing! I thought I damaged the motor to the point nothing could not fix it and was making preparations to have the car repaired. Tried bars and was skeptical but I just got back from a 65 plus mile trip! this was after I put bars in 30 mins prior to leaving. I’m so happy that I can now enjoy my car once again.

  2. J. Ventura says:


    Thanks for sharing your story. Like in every other market, a lot of products don’t work as advertised. We fight that perception every day. We’ve been around since 1947, so somewhere along the line we’re doing something right.

    Thanks again for commenting!

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